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Hunt'em Up Kennels specializes in breeding, raising and training the versatile German Shorthaired Pointer.  We are dedicated to producing high quality dogs that are bred for intelligence, biddability, desire to hunt, natural hunting abilities, conformation, sound temperament and style.  Our mission is to improve the breed and provide our customers with the best GSP they've ever owned.  When you purchase a German Shorthaired Pointer from us, our service doesn't end with the sale.  We are always more than willing to help our customers with any questions they might have about their new GSP.  We aim to be your next and final stop in choosing a kennel from which to purchase a German Shorthaired Pointer.  Your return business is very important to us!  Hunt'em Up Kennels is located in Tescott, Kansas. 


Hunt'em Up Kennels is owned and operated by Kaj Larson. Kaj grew up hunting and was chasing birds long before a bird dog was ever involved.  After losing a wounded rooster pheasant, he decided he needed a bird dog.  Buddy was his first hunting dog.  Looking back, Buddy was probably anything but spectacular.  However, he was a dream come true for a young boy who wanted a bird dog. Kaj had the opportunity to own and hunt over many breeds of bird dogs since Buddy, but for him it was the German Shorthaired Pointer who stole the show. His passion for the breed led to Hunt'em Up Kennels.

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